The efficacy of the ghanaian democratic experiment essay

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Despite some difficult external shocks--an energy crisis in and a terms-of-trade shock in the economy has continued to show reasonably good results, with real GDP growing by The efficacy of the ghanaian democratic experiment essay. The first version of the Ghana--Vision strategy was prepared in earlypresented to a three-day national workshop in April, and published in May.

The bureaucratic authoritarian model in Latin America in the s and s and the development authoritarian regimes in East Asia in the s and early s are instructive in this regard.

India is considered to be a rare exception to the rule on the linkage between democracy, economic development and poverty. Another important aspect of these reforms is decentralization.

Nevertheless, with all its temporary setbacks and potential delays, a democratic environment supported by a participatory approach to decision making remains a key ingredient in any successful strategy for sustainable development. The completion of the banking sector reforms was felt to be at hand, and initiatives to improve the investment climate for the private sector, such as the Private Sector Advisory Group, were on course.

Clearly, not all economic decisions during this period reflected a truly participatory process. A democratic environment is characterized primarily by free elections, an effective legislature, and an independent judiciary. In the Namibia meeting, one participant was of the opinion that the argument that all of Africa has practiced bad governance "is not an accurate statement.

Blacks have had to stand up as South Africans who have been victims of apartheid. A floating exchange rate system based on an interbank market was introduced in March to replace the weekly exchange rate auctions. There are no simple solutions. Therefore, in its so-called Blue Book report, published in Julythe commission proposed a system of elected local assemblies aimed at involving the largest possible number of people in policymaking decisions.

In reality, there are few Mobutu Sese Sekos. This was the intellectual crest on which political dictatorship and military rule were justified in Africa. There is, however, still room to deepen grassroots involvement in macroeconomic decision making, and the government is expected to formalize the consultation process in the context of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers that will serve as a basis for new lending from the World Bank and from the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility of the Fund.

Generally, the more press there is, the greater the difficulty government has in suppressing it. In the case of Liberia, participants suggested U. In short, they have succeeded by giving voice to those who have been voiceless.

As such, critics of the government either are intimidated or absorbed. For example in a statistical study of about countries on the linkage between democracy and economic development, Svante Ersson and Jan-Erik Lane To that end, they noted that any public accountability system should include periodic competition and a clear set of rules and expectations.

Another participant, however, cautioned that decentralization should not be allowed to result in the replacement of authentic, grass roots leaders with party members. The completion of the banking sector reforms was felt to be at hand, and initiatives to improve the investment climate for the private sector, such as the Private Sector Advisory Group, were on course.

Search our thousands of essays: It describes that strategy, its implementation and monitoring, and the lessons learned. By shaping the way that stematic latin lessons developthe habit of real opportunities available for all americans aaas. Tien eds Consolidating the Third Wave of Democracies: Protection of minority rights and interests can be overlooked under the guise of majority rule.

African Views, African Voices.

Increasingly, Africans are saying that such conditions should be tied to policy performance, but not to a particular blueprint for democracy. The state must be deprivatized [from domination by the few] and a public arena must be created where there would be room for argument and discussions based on what is good for the entire society.

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Decentralization will be territorial and ethnic based. But, in Eastern Europe, as in Africa, it has been argued that territorial representation isn't enough. Transparency and accountability are increasing, and institutions such as the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice and the Serious Fraud Office help ensure that the rule of law is respected.

After all, it is to the people that the very benefits of development should and must accrue. If groups live in the periphery, it can lead to separatism.

Indeed, Marx Gasiorowski argues that political democracy may have a negative impact on macro-economic performance especially in developing countries. It points to the potential for further growth and identifies the policies that are crucial to fully realizing this potential. This introductory section explores the key relationships between participatory democracy and successful economic development and reviews the early steps of participatory decision making in Ghana.

The economy was treated as an independent variable and the polity, dependent. Participants were keen on defining concrete actions to be taken in each of these areas, which were then included in a program of action published in June Government of Ghana, These papers will seek to shed light on the general connection between poor governance and gender inequality in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Sub- Saharan Africa.

own country, Ghana, just over a decade after Ake volunteered the above informed guess. While the present paper differs from previous CAMP issues, in that it focuses on just one country, it does nevertheless seem pertinent to scrutinize this particular West African country, recipient of much interna-tional praise for its change processes.

is the future of democracy and good governance in Africa?

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This question constitutes the focus of the paper. The paper takes a conceptual and reflective view of its problematique.

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It traces the current global emphasis on good governance and democracy and sets in. The Efficacy of the Ghanaian Democratic Experiment. Topics: Democracy, United States Constitution, Separation of The Apparent Inefficacy of our Democratic Experiment.

During and earlythe NCD held a number of political seminars in the various regional capitals to help define the key characteristics of a Ghanaian approach to the democratic process. Early on, the NDC decided that any participatory system of democracy in Ghana would have to be strongly grounded in the localities.

However, a careful examination of our democratic experiment leaves one to wonder if this definition perfectly encapsulates our experience. Our government is, granted, elected by the ordinary people, which bears testimony to the fact that we practise a form of democracy which is ‘’of the people’’.

The efficacy of the ghanaian democratic experiment essay
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