Movies of the 1930s

Nonetheless, a tremendous variety of films were produced with a wit, style, skill, and elegance that has never been equalled - before or since. After 3 trials "Fatty"Arbuckle was found not guilty and was acquitted, but his career was left in ruins. The classic Western Stagecoach also presented a levelled, claustrophobic social structure, seating a desperate prostitute and a Virginia lady across from one another.

Swashbuckler films provided a perfect vehicle for many movie stars during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Germain in the midst of his many lies.

1930s in film

The collective farmers united to purchase a tractor, opposed by power-seeking landowners who disliked or felt threatened by any form of united front.

Marionthe alcoholic skipper of a coal barge, and found a sympathetic ear from gruff Marthy Marie Dressler. The Golden Age of Hollywood started in and ended in According to an amendment made on June 13,all films released after July 1 of that year had to receive a PCA certificate of approval.

1930 in film

Shows sold out across the country, yet Fantasia initially ran at a loss due to the expense of the state-of-the-art Fantasound systems along with theater lease and other production costs. There, she sang a throaty rendition of "Falling in Love Again" astride a barrel on stage.

The now famous verdict from his first audition: The code would remain in effect untilwhen it was abandoned entirely. Jerry Norma Shearer married newspaperman Ted Chester Morrisbut then when he became a flirtatious philanderer with an ex-girlfriend, the recently divorced Janice Mary DoranJerry decided to divorce him and live the adventurous single life as a wayward wife, matching his behavior.

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She meets reporter Gable on the road, who soon discovers her identity. The movie consisted mostly of music with only a couple of hundred spoken words. Clara Bow, "The It Girl" was one of the first sex sirens silver screen.

In the meantime, Albert was wrongfully arrested and jailed for robbery, and sought to be hastily released so he could declare his true love for Pola in the bittersweet ending - and have her join him in a duo-singing act.

Stephen Dallas loses his fortune and so leaves his beloved to begin a new life in a small New England town. Golden Age of Hollywood Facts - 7: RKO cut the film from two hours, five minutes to one hour, twenty minutes and showed it in mono to trim costs.

The studio system evolved in Hollywood and was essentially about long-term contracts for movie stars, that prevented them being poached by rival studios. The Marx Brothersmaking their debut at the end of the silent era, rose to fame in the s. And the first outdoor drama filmed in full-color was The Trail of the Lonesome Pine The aforementioned Dracula and Frankenstein films both launched the careers of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloffrespectively.

The Divorcee83 minutes, D: Fog-wreathed graveyards, dark forests and gothic dwellings, while taking to heart some of the lessons learned by superior Frankenstein sequels such as Bride and Son of Frankenstein.

The 50 Best Movies of the 1940s

Its product was therapeutic diversion for millions of Americans who needed to get away Movies of the 1930s their troubles. Robinson, was one of the first gangster films of the s. Screenwriters were required to place more emphasis on characters in their scripts, and title-card writers became unemployed.

Due to this delay in enforcement capability, the Pre-Code era of Hollywood is technically considered to last untildespite the code itself being unveiled in The scandals earned her the nickname of "Crisis-a-Day-Clara".

The two men would spend much of the decade starring in Universal Horror films. Originally, it was to be a silent film, but Hughes discarded two years worth of footage and its first leading lady Greta Nissen and began filming again as a talkie in Lists of films[ edit ].

The country rube married her for all the wrong reasons, and continued to smother her with his love. In the s social consciousness films were produced and Disney cartoon films became popular.Aug 28,  · I like almost most kinds of movies, but here are some of my favorites from the s—Modern Times, San Francisco, The Story of Louis Pasteur, King Kong, The Rains Came, Mr.

Smith Goes to Washington, The Wizard of Oz, some of the Marx Bros comedies, etc. L'Age D'Or (, Fr.) (aka The Age of Gold, or The Golden Age), 60 minutes, D: Luis Buñuel This was Buñuel's follow-up film to the previous year's short Un Chien Andalou (), and was his first feature film.

List of 's movies that are not listed in any of my other playlist categories. Check another category if you do not find the film by release date. Aug 28,  · I like almost most kinds of movies, but here are some of my favorites from the s—Modern Times, San Francisco, The Story of Louis Pasteur, King Kong, The Rains Came, Mr.

Smith Goes to Washington, The Wizard of Oz, some of the Marx Bros comedies, etc. The 30s was also the decade of the sound and color revolutions and the advance of the 'talkies', and the further development of film genres (gangster films, musicals, newspaper-reporting films, historical biopics, social-realism films, lighthearted screwball comedies, westerns and horror to name a few).

Movies started off a little slowly in the s. John Barrymore was dominating headlines with Moby Dick in People loved their musicals and Fred Estaire made a few bucks from it. Bing Crosby was in his fair share of films as well. The late s were unbelievable in both quality AND quantity.

Movies of the 1930s
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