Betty friedans the feminine mystique essay

Judith Hennessee Betty Friedan: When the era of the Gay Rights Movement is compared with the silence that was required of homosexuals during the colonial period, it becomes apparent that there have been great advances through history. She continued to write in high school, where she also started a campus magazine with a male classmate.

She moved to New York City without her husband inand the couple divorced in Friedan points out that this is unproven and that Margaret Meada prominent functionalist, had a flourishing career as an anthropologist. This can be just as confining and tension-producing as any other mold. Belmont, that defined lesbian partners as a nurturing family and awarded a lesbian mother custody of her two children.

Often, one or both will eventually act out through an extramarital affair. Some denominations permit homosexual pastors to lead their churches, which is offensive to those who are opposed to it, while others neither condone nor reject the issue.

Friedan says that women need meaningful work just as men do to achieve self-actualization, the highest level on the hierarchy of needs. That year at the DNC Friedan played a very prominent role and addressed the convention, although she clashed with other women, notably Steinem, on what should be done there, and how.

Some will be pressuring their Senators and their Congressmen to pass legislations that affect women. NOW activists began to use both traditional and non-traditional means to push for social change. She suggests that the government sponsor educational programs to help housewives who have already left academia finish their degrees.

It is interesting to apply the notion of the feminine mystique to modern culture and see that it often still exists.

Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique: Summary & Analysis

Friedan discusses the fact that many children have lost interest in life or emotional growth, attributing the change to the mother's own lack of fulfillment, a side effect of the feminine mystique. This event sparked a chain reaction which resulted in the Gay Rights Movement.

Others will be writing things that will help them to define where they want to go.

Betty Friedan

Efforts to lift women up should be supported by men, Friedan argues, because changing expectations for women will benefit men too. Yet, Friedan argues that the aging process is not necessarily the time of decline that the media and other forces would depict.

It discusses the lives of several housewives from around the United States who were unhappy despite living in material comfort and being married with children. Through the years, NOW activists have challenged anti-lesbian and gay laws and ballot initiatives in many states.

Betty Friedan Essay

She also became politically active in New York City. Over 15 years ago, NOW gave strong support to a landmark case, Belmont v. She also advocates a new life plan for her women readers, including not viewing housework as a career, not trying to find total fulfillment through marriage and motherhood alone, and finding meaningful work that uses their full mental capacity.

The New Politics of Work and Familywhich also focused on discrimination. Friedan and her book were not warmly received by some feminists, who viewed her as somewhat reactionary and bourgeois.

Friedan finds that advertisers continue to benefit enormously from the feminine mystique and, therefore, use it constantly in their work. She was the daughter of Harry and Miram Horowitz Goldstein. When she tried to sell stories about women who were living outside of traditional roles, she was told that such profiles were not really what American women wanted to read.

As Friedan pointed out, "part of the strange newness of the problem is that it cannot be understood in terms of the age-old material problems of man: Also divisive in the s among women was the Equal Rights Amendmentwhich NOW fully endorsed; by the s, women and labor unions opposed to ERA warmed up to it and began to support it fully.- The Feminine Mystique, by Betty Friedan, London, Victor Gollancz LTD,pp., ISBN ‘The Feminine Mystique’, first published in the year ofis widely acknowledged as one of the most influential books in the 20th century as well as in the history of feminism.

The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan, published inis often seen as the beginning of the Women’s Liberation is the most famous of Betty Friedan’s works, and it made her a household name.

Feminists of the s and s would later say The Feminine Mystique was the book that “started it all.”.

Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique: Summary & Analysis

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The Feminine Mystique is a book written by Betty Friedan which is widely credited with sparking the beginning of second-wave feminism in the United States. It was published on February 19, by W. W. Norton. InFriedan was asked to conduct a survey of her former Smith College classmates for their 15th anniversary reunion; the results, in which she found that many of them were unhappy Author: Betty Friedan.

Betty Friedan I believe that in Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan is attempting to persuade the reader to understand what she is trying to say.

She wants people to know exactly what occurred during the.

The Feminine Mystique Summary

InBetty Friedan wrote the book The Feminine Mystique which was about the revival of women’s movement and in the transformation of the nation’s awareness of the challenges middle-class suburban women faced (Horowitz ).

Betty friedans the feminine mystique essay
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